ProLine Communications Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Still Crazy After All These Years

November 2011          

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

20 plus years ago, when I started ProLine, the 386 computer was "king" and the Internet was just a gleam in someone's eye. My lovely wife, Joyce, was pregnant with Ilene and me, well, I was pregnant with new ideas, and one of them was ProLine. Today, Ilene is a college graduate and now, a technical producer at the CBS affiliate in Springfield, MA. My youngest daughter, Erica is a freshman at Binghamton University and as Dad, I am proud to say she is a legacy kid. Times have changed and business has changed, but the opportunity to say thank you for being there to all who have helped make me successful over the last twenty years never grows old.

The ups and downs of the last ten years have been crazy and the last ten years have been much harder than the first ten. (Who could have predicted that back in 2000?) It's been harder for our country too, and almost all of us have difficult stories to tell. Part of me wants to ask, "Isn't it supposed to get easier?" but there have been many good things along the way for me too.

I started teaching as an adjunct professor at several universities and that allowed me to become "The Small Business Professor," which led to my becoming a columnist for Scripps. To date, I have had over 350 columns published and won a SBA Journalist of the Year (NJ) award. Building the persona of The Small Business Professor with Scripps also helped me get my first book deal for "Birthing the Elephant." Over the last several years, The Small Business Professor identification brought me to the attention of Brother International and I became a spokesperson for them. ProLine continues to grow, helping both old and new clients garner public relations and build brand awareness. If you have a minute, please look at the updated and modern look of the ProLine web site at:

I often tell my students, "Life has its ups and downs, but never forget to appreciate the people who are there for you through both good times and bad." It is wonderful to be a part of the passion and dedication of the entrepreneurs and people who continue to make this country great - people like you. I even try to appreciate having to use a wheelchair at times (due to my ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis) because it provides me with an interesting perspective. I see the best side of human nature sitting in my wheelchair, especially when people come up to lend a helping hand. Aren't people great?

"Twenty years" is at least a couple of life-times in this business. When I look ahead, I am not as wildly optimistic as I was 10 years ago, but I have something just as valuable as optimism: I have the determination and experience to forge ahead no matter what the future brings. I have been tested by the fire of recession, much as our country has, and I know that I still have the passion and dedication to be a successful entrepreneur - in fact, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I know that there will be exciting new technologies and products to introduce to the world. There are new clients and friends to be made and time honored relationships to be cherished. I am thankful and grateful to be here doing something that I love and I am glad to be doing it with all of you. So, thank you to all of you who supported me in the beginning and through the last 20 years. Thank you to those of you who believed in me and in my abilities and to those who are always there when I need help. Thank you to those of you with whom I do business today. I hope we'll have many more years to make memories together.


Bruce Freeman

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